okayboss is going to panda pandora

okayboss is moving

hey just to confirm that the okayblog is moving permanently over to blog.okayboss.com

please update your bookmarks and feeds. thanks!

okayboss is moving

blog in heaven

traffic has really died down here because of my increasingly sporadic updates. i’ve decided to move to a different blogging platform to encourage me to make sharing stuff online a whole lot easier.

with that said – i am backing up the blog db, upgrading, then hopefully migrating.
please check http://okayboss.posterous.com in the meantime.


just a quick piece i did for a LGBT charity project.

peacock perched on a cloud

wormhole is up on threadless

wormhole - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

slightly updated – back to a blue bg :)

worms invade threadless

hello people. no i’m not dead, just a little quiet.
i’ve been doing quite a bit of illustration work but the project(s) are not quite ready to share.

in the meantime, i’ve been digging through my old files and have decided to submit a few to threadless to try my luck.

this one has been submitted, and is pending approval –
save the worms - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

while this one is up for critique because I felt it might need more work.

feedback appreciated. thanks!

spotted in idn

a tiny strip – two images and a couple of paragraphs. yay!

okayboss in idn magazine
okayboss in idn magazine

thanks to jovan@idn

keeping myself busy


rmg connect australia website

one of the rare opportunities i get to use illustration at my day job. the all-australian backyard concept of the rmg connect website invites users to use their little avatar to help mow our lawn.

rmg connect australia
rmg connect australia
rmg connect australia
rmg connect australia
rmg connect australia
rmg connect australia

it’s my first attempt at an isometric illustration style and i’m reasonably happy with the result. currently still in soft-launch mode – the full featured version will be up sometime around the 2nd week of may.

linkage > click to mow the rmg connect australia backyard!

build your nest egg

The TIAA-CREF Nest Egg Challenge is a little application that allows you to compete in challenges to build up your savings. once you add it, you’ll be able to issue and receive challenges from your friends. these challenges come in the form of a little egg (the nest egg of the title) and depending on how you go, it will either die, or grow into a cute little creature. once you’ve earned the characters you can give them as gifts to friends.

creatures -
tiaa-cref nestegg - illustrations by okayboss

dead eggs -
tiaa-cref nestegg - illustrations by okayboss

page layout -
tiaa-cref nestegg - illustrations by okayboss
i was commissioned for this job by Modernista! and provided all the illustrations including page layouts and a tiny bit of flash animation for the egg hatching sequences. it was a lot of work with a tight deadline but it was a great experience. thanks to ryan harms and deb grant and the creative directors from Modernista! for the opportunity. would love to repeat the experience :)

linkage –> tiaa-cref nest egg challenge (facebook application)

okayboss site featured in .net / practical web design magazine

Hello people.
Can’t believe it’s the first post of the year. I’ve been kept busy the past few months with work, work, getting married, work and more work. Logically that should mean that this blog is updated more often but it doesn’t always work out that way. I do have a bit of a backlog to clear so I’ll start with some good news.

After finally getting the pictures off my camera, i can share with you a little mini-feature of the okayboss site in issue 186/march 2009 of .net magazine (or Practical Web Design as it’s known in Australia). Thanks to Christian Hall and Tom May from Future Publishing.

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